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Spring Season: April 27, 2020

**Registration Deadline: April 1, 2020**

*Will Take place Tuesday/Wednesday Evenings*

Summer/Fall Season: August 10th, 2020 

**Registration Deadline: July 19th, 2020**


There is a league for every one to join in on the fun at Springfield Dekhockey!

Springfield Dekhockey offers a variety of leagues based on your recreational or competitive skill level.

Put a team together of 7-10 players, of men or coed players and get registered today! 

All divisions welcome coed teams!


Don't have a team or a full team of 7-10 players? No problem! Get registered as a free agent and we can place you on a team for the season!

Interested in becoming a substitute player for the season? Get registered as a sub to fill in throughout the season! Substitutes will be charged $12 per game including game equipment. (Check complete regulations for substitutes).

Springfield Dekhockey offers 2 seasons: Spring and Summer/Fall League. Each season consists of 7 regular season games and 2 guaranteed playoff games. Teams consist of 7-10 players including a goalie. A Dekhockey game is 50 minutes with 3 periods of 13 minutes. Each game has a certified referee, scorekeeper with LIVE on-line stats and score results, team standings, game highlights, player stats, team schedule, and players of the week.

Adult Dekhockey games are held Monday-Friday and Sunday the first game starting at 6:00pm and the last beginning at 9:00pm. The only equipment required for Dekhockey is; a helmet, shin pads, gloves, and a Dekhockey approved stick (plastic blade/wooden shaft) All equipment is available for rent or purchase at our Dekhockey pro shop on site.

                               PRO SHOP----> http://qcdekhockey.com/custom-page.php?pg_no=21

  • Each team plays once or twice a week depending on their team schedule.
    • Registration forms must be completed at least 2 weeks before the beginning of each season

We encourage players under the age of 18 and will be permitted to play with a signed parental consent. 

Free Agents can register as a substitute or a regular for a team. If you register as a free agent we are happy to find and place you on a team based on the division you register in.

Adult season will consist of 7 game minimum including 1 minimum playoff game. Registration fee $800 for a team of 7-10 players. Otherwise it is $85 a player (free agent).



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